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mobile marketing Sydney
The digital era has brought about a significant shift in mobile usage, with people relying heavily on their smartphones for communication, decision-making, and purchases. For marketers, this trend is crucial in advancing marketing strategies and reaching desired targets. Consumers spend a significant part of their day online, and mobile phone usage has increased exponentially in...
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mobile responsive design
Business is more than just making sales nowadays. With the digital age and the recent COVID-19 pandemic, business owners have transitioned to utilising online platforms and entering the digital market for sales boost, network expansion, and increased brand awareness. Fortunately, the readily available technology allows owners to improve their digital platforms for customers. However, it...
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Creativ Digital Sydney Mobile Web Design
Improving web experience for mobile users is referred to as mobile web design. Websites are designed to cater to the needs of users and make it as less complicated as possible. However, as browsing preferences have changed, designers expanded their focus on designing websites for mobile devices. There are a lot of benefits that you...
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Many websites live today aren’t performing as they should. With Black Friday coming up, many of these websites will crash or suffer security breaches which can translate to headaches and loss of sales to the owners. The good news is that many website owners are finally catching on. They are beginning to realize that something...
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UX Designer
Have you noticed that more and more people are using their phones to surf the web? They use their phones not only to check social network and browse but also to do their shopping or to use apps. This is probably because mobile phones are more portable compared to other handheld devices and internet data...
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mobile web design
According to statistics provided by WeAreSocial.com 93% of internet users access the web through their phones. This means that your website can be seen by up to 3.5 billion people on their phones or tablet at any given time. This means that you should be working hard to optimize your online presence. In this connection...
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mobile first index
Gone are the days when desktop traffic is viewed as the priority. Mobile browsing has long surpassed desktop browsing years ago and Google is on the move to making adjustments in how sites are ranked. Lo and behold, 2018 is the year that Google is making it official by launching a mobile-first index algorithm, ultimately...
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