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New Releases

Explore the latest additions to our stack of location APIs & SDKs

Global APIs

Global APIs for 238 nations

Our directory of APIs & SDKs for maps, routes, search, live tracking, route optimisation, analytics and more

Route Optimisation APIs and SDKs

Route Optimisation APIs and SDKs

Embrace the new way of running your end-to-end planning and optimisation activities.

Mapping APIs & SDKs

From standard to complex - integrate map, search and
routing functions in your app


SDKs for Maps and Traffic

Built on comprehensive map data, MapmyIndia's advanced map SDKs are easy to embed in web and mobile apps across platforms, delivering your users a seamless map experience.

  • EV API & SDK

    Search & Geocoding

    Embed the most relevant and accurate search experiences with our search, geocode and reverse geocode solutions.

  • ADAS, Safety APIs & SDKs

    Routes & Navigation

    Solve simple to complex routing problems for fleets, enterprises and users, with the routes & navigation stack

  • AI APIs

    Navigation SDK

    Power your apps with our easy-to-embed SDK for online navigation, 3D maps and live traffic

  • AI APIs

    Personalisation SDK

    Send highly personalised & hyperlocal communication to your users basis their dynamic Online-to-Offline (O2O) profiles

  • APIs for Move/Move Auto

    RealView APIs

    APIs to get a 360° panoramic view of your assets and also geotag, measure and analyse them with photo-realistic quality

Analytics APIs

Geospatial APIs and ready-to-use map data
to build advanced location-based applications

Mobility & Tracking

GIS and Analytics APIs (mGIS)

Geospatial APIs for map visualisations in 2D/3D, geocoding, location search, geospatial analyses, AI-powered image analysis and more.

APIs for Move/Move Auto


Integrate GeoBI-driven scalable and advanced Business Intelligence that transforms raw data into actionable insights.

Telematics APIs & SDKs

IoT-driven location & motion sensing,
workforce automation capabilities for your app

Mobility & Tracking

Mobility & Tracking

Power up your Android or iOS app with live location-tracking capabilities with our IoT & Telematics APIs and SDK.

Workmate APIs

Workmate APIs

Provide location intelligence to your field teams by integrating your existing software with Workmate - field force management app.

MapmyIndia Apps APIs & SDKs

Embeddable deep links and easy-to-integrate SDK for maps,
search, hybrid navigation and more


MapmyIndia Move URLs

Embed deep links into your apps (Android, iOS, Web) for search, directions, issue reporting and updated COVID info.

NaviMaps SDK APIs

NaviMaps SDK APIs

Power your Android apps with the fastest, most accurate and fully offline navigation features - 3D maps, house number data, live traffic, voice guidance in regional languages and much more.

Custom Solutions

Bespoke solutions for complex business requirements
built on our/your location data

End-to-end custom solutions

We understand enterprises can have specific use cases and requirements that are unique to them. In such cases, we work closely with you to deliver end-to-end custom solutions built on your data and our location stack.

  • Requirement understanding
  • Third-party data ingestion
  • Tailored solution building

Use Cases

Solve for the most common or the most
complex use cases for any business setup

Sales Analytics

Digitize your sales forecast with the help of MapmyIndia’s Map SDK and unleash the power of location!

Contactless KYC

Distance Matrix API to validate user filled addresses by checking distance from live location

Geofence management

Create various geofences (polygons, circles, freehand) to analyse, monitor business assets

Search on-the-go

APIs to enable users to search and navigate to places of interest while on-the-go

Route management

Rich routing APIs to create the most economical, fastest, shortest and safest routes

Address pin drop

Build amazing pin drop experiences that capture user addresses down to the house level

MapmyIndia APIs - Better, Easier & Safer


Highly configurable to suit use cases.


From in-person to code support. You’re covered.


Location bias most relevant then ever.


Easy integration and standard response codes.


High security with 256bit and 2048bit encryption.


Priced woefully short of the performance.

Customer Stories

Leading businesses across various industry sectors, verticals and
geographies are powered by MapmyIndia’s technologies

GoI’s UMANG app integrates Mappls Map APIs to help citizens find nearby government facilities

GoI’s UMANG app integrates MapmyIndia Maps

India’s leading payments app uses Mappls' SDKs to make their services more location-aware

How Mappls helps Paytm deliver exceptional customer experiences

Mapmyindia APIs power EatFit’s superior ordering-in experience

Learn how our technology helps McDonald’s in delivering happiness

MapmyIndia’s Location APIs answer location queries in real-time for Alexa users

Free Plan

Now, use our maps to start doing more with location...for absolutely nothing :)

Free Maps SDK Plan

Get free MapmyIndia Maps SDK for all platforms.

MapmyIndia is offering its Maps SDK to qualifying startups and consumer facing app developers for free, in an effort to promote the indigenous developer ecosystem.

Enabling an Aatmanirbhar Bharat through Aatmanirbhar Maps for Aatmanirbhar Apps.

MapmyIndia Maps SDK are available for free across:

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS

Qualifying* startups and consumer facing application developers can get MapmyIndia Maps SDK for free, by applying below

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* Access to free Maps SDK is subject to internal evaluation

Note: Fair usage limits apply and plan can change at any time

Why choose MapmyIndia?

  • Advanced maps in 2D, 3D, 4D and HD
  • The most powerful and granular maps
  • Easy-to-integrate with mobile or web apps
  • Continuously updated in near real-time
  • Global APIs & SDKs for 238 nations

* Access to free Maps SDK is subject to internal evaluation

Note: Fair usage limits apply and plan can change at any time

Pricing Plans

Choose a plan that best suits the stage or the scale you're building for

Free Plan

For small businesses

  • Automated Reimbursement
  • 10 free user license for 1 month
  • 100 clients can be added
  • Unlimited user activities
  • Reports
  • Location based Task
  • Smart custom form Generation
  • Live Location Tracking
  • Private Channel Support
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For mid-scale businesses

  • Automated Reimbursement
  • 10 free user license for 1 month
  • 100 clients can be added
  • Unlimited user activities
  • Reports
  • Location based Task
  • Smart custom form Generation
  • Live Location Tracking
  • Private Channel Support
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Enterprise Plan

For large businesses

  • Automated Reimbursement
  • 10 free user license for 1 month
  • 100 clients can be added
  • Unlimited user activities
  • Reports
  • Location based Task
  • Smart custom form Generation
  • Live Location Tracking
  • Private Channel Support
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Developers love MapmyIndia

Supporting 200,000+ developers and their apps to do more with location

  • Fantastic example of home grown cutting edge technology. @MapmyIndia has built detailed map products for all of India-GIS maps, 3D maps, real view, indoor etc. MMI provides comprehensive tech stack and has rich national & international map data. Built in India for India & the world.

    Shri Amitabh Kant CEO, NITI Aayog

  • The Alexa service is always getting smarter and more useful for customers and we are happy to announce that, with the addition of MapmyIndia content, Alexa is now even more knowledgeable about nearby places.

    Dilip R.S. Country Manager for Alexa Skills and Voice Services - Amazon India

  • The technology partnership with MapmyIndia is integral to our goal of 'delivering happiness' to our consumers. Integrating their APIs with McDelivery is helping us deliver a great consumer experience while keeping our operations cost-effective and efficient.

    Praphull Paliwal CIO - McDonald's India

  • Mercedes-Benz India users will immensely benefit from MapmyIndia’s COVID-19 India Guide, as they will now have real-time and accurate information about high risk or no go areas and thus avoid these while travelling. This is a proud moment where the team has developed this much needed innovation to add another layer of safety for our end-customers in India.

    Manu SaaleManaging Director & CEO, MBRDI

  • With the car rental space becoming increasingly competitive, it is critical for companies to be wary of any inconsistencies creeping into their operations. At Avis, we were determined to offer a seamless experience to every stakeholder in the ecosystem - the driver, the rider and the client. MapmyIndia's custom solutions helped us achieve this objective. With the help of their cloud based maps & mobility platform, not only were we able to automate key transactions in the user journey, but were also successful in dramatically reducing our lengthening credit cycle.

    Aman Naagar COO - Avis India

  • Being an internet restaurant company, technology is the core of our business. And the synergy with MapmyIndia has been remarkably helpful in achieving some of its crucial aspects. Their APIs help us ensure a great customer experience.

    Soumyadeep BarmanCTO - Rebel Foods

  • At Yulu, we're leveraging technology to make urban mobility seamless, shareable and sustainable through a user-friendly mobile app. This makes the search & distance capabilities a key feature of the Yulu app. We evaluated MapmyIndia and realized the potential of the platform, we can now offer our users key features at the best price point. Today, MapmyIndia is powering key location functionalities of the user app & the Yulu team is excited about exploring additional capabilities of their map SDKs & location APIs.

    Naveen DachuriCo-founder and CTO - Yulu

  • EatFit strives to offer a great customer experience. The integration of MapmyIndia APIs into our app will help elevate hyperlocal navigation and strengthen our delivery network, thus making ordering-in food from EatFit a far superior experience.

    Ankit NagoriCo-founder, EatFit

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